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Over the years and through trend analysis, KWS’ main sources of revenue (its own generated revenue; government subvention and specific project support from partners), have taken a downturn due to challenges of international economics and government allocation in other priority areas that compete for limited financial resources from other sectors.

Given its central mandate, to conserve the natural environment, fauna and flora of Kenya for the benefit of present and future generations - it is imperative that Kenya Wildlife Service urgently identifies alternative sources of revenue to ensure that it continues to play the pivotal role in creating a level of certainty for Kenya’s wildlife conservation and management efforts.

In our work at KWS, we never forget that in spirit, our natural legacy belongs not only to Kenyans, but to humanity as a whole. In conserving and protecting, we take pride in knowing that we undertake a most sensitive task but one with greater ramifications for this nation and the world.


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